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Mar ,07 2022
Overall quality is great. The bag itself is sturdy and durable. Leather is true black and shiny. No chain issues, no loose stitches and fufu smell. Very well made bag - Jessy
Chalisa Alen
Mar ,07 2022
Quality of leather feels great, craftsmanship is excellent. Super happy with it & it worth to wait & worth the price! - Chalisa Alen
Feb ,21 2022
Overall a very sturdy bag, that is able to stand up straight without leaning for- or backward, It has substantial weight for its size, especially the chain. No signs of the fufu; it has a very faint leather smell. Caviar leather looks plump and shiny. Graining of the leather looks even. Stitching is neat, there is not a single loose thread or popped stitch. Hardware looks gorgeous, no signs of tarnishing. After seeing auths back in summer, I was definitely WOWed by the quality of this bag. It is on par with auth. In fact, I actually think it‘s even better. I personally don’t see the mini-air pocket inside as a qualitative deficit. It is actually also present in auth bags from time to time. All in all, I am positively surprised. The craftsmanship of this bag is basically impeccable. We will see how long it will hold up eventually! - Alina
Feb ,21 2022
The bag is solidly made. There are no loose stitches. The hardware has good weight, and the engravings are clear. The leather feels soft and slick as it’s supposed to be oil waxed leather…. not sure what that means. The drawstring chain runs smooth. I love that there is a thicker link underneath the flap to keep the top handle in place. The straps are adjustable and have five holes. I use the second from top hole as I am petite (just over 5 feet) and the bag sits at a comfortable position for me. I love the bag and think she is so gorgeous. I am totally satisfied with this purchase. It’s everything I expected it to be. - Cat
Feb ,21 2022
This bag is just plain gorgeous! The leather smells divine and the croc embossing is fantastic, The stitching is perfect everywhere not a thread out of place. The closure snaps into place easily. The hardware is weighty and the and strap is sturdy. I think you may have gotten this impression from reading thus far but overall, I’m thrilled with this little cutie and I can’t wait to start rocking this shining star to date nights and dinners. It comfortably fits my phone, mask, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, lip balm etc. and has card slots for credit cards as well as a zipper pocket for cash. - Siti
Feb ,18 2022
Quality of materials feel good, craftsmanship is superb, no fufu smell. Alignment is near perfect from what I can tell, engravings are well done and hardware also matches nicely. I’m impressed. For 1/10th of the price, this is freakishly good. Makes me think this would make a great vacation bag or so to sling around, day drunk by the pool and not worry about inevitably spilling my margarita over this or even losing this. My auth has been my go-to bag and I love how insanely practical and handy it’s come in. It even fits my spill-proof coffee thermos or two 12 oz. cans of cider/brew for a lil mid-day park hang. Love all the possibilites this opens up for me now! - Matthew
Feb ,09 2022
Leather quality is really great and absolutely no chemical smell after opening. I personally don’t really like veining in togo leather so I was happy to not see any. Feeling the leather by hand it is soft and not too dry. This is my first high quality replica and overall the bag is very well constructed. Super happy with this bag! I’m glad I went with black since I’m still starting my collection. I know this is something I will have and get a lot of use out of and I have already used it frequently and it’s been holding up very well! I sometimes carry heavy water bottles and stuff the bag pretty full and it is definitely very durable too! - Melinda
Feb ,09 2022
In my opinion, the quality of this bag is just immaculate! The Canvas just feels like auth Canvas is supposed to feel, it is not too loose and not too stiff. It has a nice sheen to it, without being too shiny. The colour is pure chocolatey-deliciousness, I love that warm tone of brown, it's just so beautiful! The Damier print is also flawless in my opinion. The leather parts have the typical look & feel of the Damier ebene leather parts; some might think the leather looks & feels plasticky, but that's also true for the authentic and it is supposed to be like that. I think it is due to the special treatment for this leather, which makes it extra durable and totally insensitive to rain and other possible stains. I really can't deduct a single point for the quality of this bag - it blew me away when I opened the parcel! And it still does. I have heavily used the bag for a week on an active holiday with kids and it held up perfectly and still looks like new. - Mandy
Feb ,09 2022
The quality is amazing! The leather is superb and buttery with a light nice leather smell. I've been going over this bag, trying to find any flaw but that is so perfect. Glazing looks nice and smooth. Even the packaging is very good quality. The shape is what I'm very impressed about. I think They gets the shape of their B's closest to authentic. Pearling looks good, stitching looks good. - Peggie
Feb ,09 2022
The overall construction is lovely. Leather is so soft and lush, no odd smells. Interior Leather is soft as well, no notable defects or concerns. Brand Logo and stamping are neat and well formed. No tangled chain straps and the bag has a nice weight to it, does not lean to either side when standing. - Elise