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Jun ,04 2022
To me, this is a killer replica! I was worried about the coloration of the canvas and especially the Rose Ballerine interior, but I am thrilled to report that it's quite accurate! I compiled a checklist of major call-outs that I wanted to avoid and this bag passed the test. The only reason I am taking off a half-point for Quality and Accuracy is because it's a replica and I am new to this world, so I thought I would give a little realistic wiggle room for posterity. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. The price point is right and the quality is amazing. - Sisley
Jun ,04 2022
The bag is well-made of nice leather, the stitching is tidy and precise. The canvas lined interior is very well done. I love classic bags, particularly top handle bags, and this one is right up my alley. Neither of the accuracy issues or the small flaws will lessen my enjoyment of it. - Pamela
Jun ,04 2022
Seriously could not be any happier with my first ever rep purchase. The packaging was more than I expected (didn’t specifically ask for branded packaging). It was all perfectly sized for the bag, with no movement thanks to filler in the right places. The leather is soft and beautifully pebbled. - Diana
Jun ,04 2022
My Evelyne has a smooth button closure, shiny hardware, accurate shape, and an accurate stamp (see below on this). I wanted a bag that I could confidently wear while traveling—no one wears Hermes where I live. I love this bag and would have no problems wearing this bag anywhere I go! - Latte
Jun ,04 2022
From the moment I opened the outer box, I knew this bag was going to be different than any other bag I'd purchased in the past. I've been purchasing bag for over 10 years and this packaging was spot on. I'm sure many of us are familiar with dented boxes, crushed corners, etc. Not this one. The Chanel box was shipped inside a very sturdy outer box and on every corner there were hard plastic protectors. I was frankly shocked, in a good way. The Chanel box was pristine, with the correct tissue paper, camelia, ribbon, care booklet, polishing cloth, bag, etc. The scent of leather that came when I opened the box was amazing. No fufu smell here. I own 2 authentic lambskin bags from Chanel (1 vintage and 1 brand new) and this lambskin is just as smooth and supple. There are no loose stiches. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase, I would highly recommend this bag . - Eleine
Claudia PS
Jun ,04 2022
Jun ,04 2022
Leather is really soft and buttery. I have gone to the Chanel store twice to check out the C19s and this leather feels just as soft and "thick" and plushy as the authentic. It has the same sheen as the authentic ones in store and zooming in on this leather (and the pic of the authentic I took at the store) shows the same type of "grain". - Catherine
Jun ,04 2022
Leather quality is superior, a little bit textured and got a nice sheen and feels extremely soft.I was concerned about the stitching, but there is not a single flaw, it’s even and extremely clean around the whole bag.The inside also feels premium and is quite soft. The hardware parts are well made and feel heavy and durable.The inside zipper is flawless and worked perfectly so far. Same for the magnet, super strong! The chain is also quite heavy and feels quality wise very premium like. To sum it up, the quality of the bag is a straight 10/10 for me without any doubt! - Nancy
Apr ,18 2022
The bags are well constructed - symmetrical lines, stitches, and placement of hardware. Quilts are not overly puffy and seem to be consistent in size/puffiness across the bag. Caviar leather on both of these bags is beautiful. Both leathers have a nice sheen without being overly shiny. I understand that caviar leather is durable but I’ve also heard people describe it as soft. While I’m not sure how soft the leather should feel relative to the "heavy-duty" feel of the caviar pebbled leather, I’ll do my best to describe what it feels like to me. - Abby
Mirela Gaux
Apr ,15 2022
Love it so much, thanks!!! Quality is excellent! - Mirela Gaux