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Jan ,13 2022
I have to say, the overall quality of the bag is great and really blows me away, especially given that it's a fraction of the (auth) retail price! The Canvas feels just like Canvas is supposed to feel - it's thick and seems high quality and durable. The edging is accurate, the stitching is very neat, the lining feels soft and looks great. The leather looks and feels just like the auth LV Vachetta leather. I really hope y'all like my review and find it a little helpful. - Claire
Jan ,11 2022
This is a well constructed bag, with supple leather and impeccably soft suede. The box calfskin is smooth and lends an airy, light feeling to the Bobby (that also makes it susceptible to scratches). The hardware is the perfect shade of gold, and while being weighty enough to feel good but not uncomfortable when slung over my shoulders. Overall, this is a reaaaallllyyy nice bag!!! It's all good though because I love my penis bag!! I waited an entire year to buy it and still ooh and aww yiss over it even now. I am a pony princess and need to collect all equestrian-esque bags!! - Christy
Jan ,10 2022
SUPER! My 5th bag. Thanks for supplying fast new designs & all the time in TOP notch quality. - Mona.ksa
Jan ,05 2022
As you can see from my photo, this really is a good one! Love it so much! The canvas feels just like the authentic, the vachetta leather is beautiful and looks very much alike, the stitching is neat and accurate - the strap is made of the same materials and the hardware looks and feels high-grade. I am giving this a 10 out of 10, I am really blown away by how good it is at that amazing price point! - Mona
Dec ,29 2021
Quality is DIVINE!!! It’s nearly-exactly-identical to the one I saw in CHANEL STORE! - Sabine.KH
Dec ,28 2021
Wow, this is impressive! I saw this authentic at LV store, they are just identical! The leather, hardware, logo, stamping, even the weight I think! This is SUPER REAL! OMG, I’m so happy with my purchase from you. - Sonia.Cullen
Dec ,27 2021
Took a month to get this beautiful bag! It’s worth to wait, really good - Naomi
Tina Timothy
Dec ,23 2021
RECEIVED & IT IS SUPER! Thanks - Tina Timothy
Dec ,22 2021
Really good quality! It's been a hot minute since I've walked into a Chanel boutique and felt up a boy but this is a very well constructed bag (and it should be considering how much I paid for it). Leather is very soft with a faint leather smell out of the box but I still put on a coat of cadillac leather conditioner and it feels more luxurious after a coat. - hailey
Dec ,21 2021
The bag feels luxurious. The construction looks great when I compare to auths on the internet. The leather has a nice texture and smell. No chemical smells at all. it's a beautiful color that matches a wide range of outfits and occasions. Shape looks good, consistent with pics of auth and measurements are on spot. Leather looks just like in auth pictures. - catherine